Got a question? Well hopefully this answers it!

Why Challenge Accepted?

We chose Challenge Accepted because the original concept was to create an overlay that would allow the chat to interact more closely with the streamer. It introduced real time challenges that would give extra difficulty to the streamer as well as allowing the chat and our followers the creativity to create interesting and fun challenges for us to attempt.

Is there a way to contribute to Challenge Accepted without being a member?

Absolutely! There are several ways for you to contribute to Challenge Accepted in a meaningful and gainful way! For starters, if you have a streamer that you are a fan of, make sure to subscribe to them and donate what you can! I’m sure the streamer will appreciate it and you will get plenty of benefits from the Challenge Accepted overlay.

What if I like some of the members of CA but not all of them?

That’s perfectly fine, we don’t expect you to like everyone, however we do expect that you don’t berate or belittle the streamers in the community even if you're not a fan. Remember to be kind!

I was banned from all the streams what does this mean?

Remember in the last question when I said not to berate or belittle any of the streamers in Challenge Accepted? Well that was more of a warning then a playful suggestion.

Our policy is typically "a ban from 1 channel is a ban from all"!

The good news is that this isn’t the end for you! There is still a chance to come back to the community and be involved again. Please just send an explanation to the Challenge Accepted twitch channel and we will respond to you as soon as we are able.

I'm a streamer! Can I get the Challenge Accepted overlay?

You may be interested in our Patreon!

Is there some sort of secret channel in the discord that Andy and Moth use as DM’s?


But then why I can see it?

You can’t and stop asking!