So you want to know how this whole thing got started, do ya? Well you best start believing in ghost stories, because... Andy said I couldn't finish that sentence. Anyway here's how we got things started...

Stupid Andy... ruining my fun...



How did Moth and Andy meet?

You may be asking yourself, who is this cast of semi-hilarious nearly talented ne'er-do-wells? Well, boy do I have a story for you! Challenge Accepted was founded Early in the far back year of 2018, it was a time of strife and emotional baggage filled with jobless millennials. It was during a regular look-about that Andy (Also known as AnD4D) stumbled across Moth in one of his far to frequent streams and raided his channel in an attempt to brighten his day and inform him of how Windows work (long story... feel free to ask in one of our streams!). This event would later be referred to as "the not so big bang" not because things got intimate, but because in this one action much greater things were formed.

The formation of Challenge Accepted

It wasn't long after Andy and Moth met that they started having chats of doing co-operative streams, made all the easier by the fact that Andy had already been doing co-streams with the amazing Sholali. The three streamers, with their powers combined realized that they had an opportunity to grow their audiences by existing under one banner, the banner of "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" !

Eating Our Vegetables

Challenge Accepted didn't end there either, we have been growing since our beginnings and have been adding some of the funniest streamers we've met along the way. Each, with their own style and incredible content, were welcomed into Challenge Accepted with open arms.

What's next for Challenge Accepted?

All this is just the start for us, we plan on growing this community and developing new ways to create interesting and engaging content for a long time to come! Interested in joining up? Why not check out our Joining Challenge Accepted Patreon page? Or continue on to our frequently asked questions page for additional information.